Saturday, April 22, 2006

Traitriotism at the CIA

The charge of treason has fallen out of fashion. So afraid are we of using it lightly and so sensitive to abusing it that even more than the charge of racism, the charge of treason seems to carry very little weight. Perhaps its time has come.

It's a tenet of leftist politics that dissent is patriotic. Even dissent which rises to the level of treason is said to be "patriotic" if the dissenter believes that the country is on the wrong path. If the nation is at war with another, giving secrets to the enemy by their publication is an act of treason; and yet, our leftist friends insist that it is the right, even the duty, of someone who disagrees with the conflict to fight against it by whatever means necessary. In a feat of verbal acrobatics that would shock Orwell, treason is patriotism.

Watergate source Deep Throat was the FBI's W. Mark Felt. Hailed by the Left as a hero, to his credit Felt was embarrassed by his behavior and kept his status as a leaker hidden. A Democrat disgruntled at being passed over for promotion, rather than resign he instead undertook efforts to damage the Nixon administration, who appear to have been able and willing felonious accomplices in their own demise.

Seen in the light of our new knowledge that Mary O. McCarthy was the CIA employee responsible for many of the leaks to Dana Priest, the pattern of treasonous behavior is laid bare. Some are calling her a "scapegoat", because there is a high level of dissension in the ranks at the CIA. Perhaps, if her pernicious brand of patriotism is not unique, she will be merely the second of many at the CIA and other Federal intelligence agencies who will be "outed" for their destructive role to national security.

In November, 2005, cited American intelligence officials in claiming that

  • CIA Director George Tenet was given $38 million dollars to blame 9/11 on CIA failure
  • Valerie Plame was outed to disrupt a probe into an Israeli attempt to plant WMD
  • CIA officials leaked Valerie Plame Wilson's name to Scooter Libby
Given Mary McCarthy's opposition to a pre-9/11 plan to capture Usama Bin Laden and a missile attack on a nerve gas factory he owned, it would not be surprising that she would feel a little guilt and try to preempt criticism and call it a plot against her. Her testimony before the 9/11 commission offered no mention or explanation of her role, even though it would have been the single most pertinent example of the subject she was discussing.

It seems clear that McCarthy was at least as disgruntled as Felt. She and her husband together gave $10,000 to Democrats in 2004. Given her résumé, it's likely that a President JF Kerry would have given her a central national security role, perhaps a Cabinet-level spot. Never a fan of covert action, McCarthy must have been appalled at the Bush Doctrine and the willingness on the part of her new boss to fight terror based on "instinct" rather than her own appeasenik advice. Instead, she was "forced" to work as a mole, violating her oath and the duties of citizenship by ferrying information harmful to her nation, but favorable to herself, to the media.

Mary O. McCarthy is being called a truth-telling hero, a scapegoat, and a simple leaker. If we can believe the reports, and if treason is patriotic, she is indeed a traitriot. It remains to be seen how many more there are.

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