Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Incomparable @SarahPalinUSA

As a writer, I am continually impressed by Sarah Palin's ability to do the writer's job: convey meaning as efficiently as possible. By efficiently, I mean so that the words we use do not get in the way of understanding. The reader neither has to struggle with a definition or sentence construct, nor wonder why she didn't use some polysyllabic parallelism.

Some highbrow types might think that's a left-handed compliment, but it isn't. It's a full on tip of the hat from an aspiring wordsmith to his better.

But the test of a pundit is not just the ability to convey meaning, but the ability to grasp it, divine the important parts, and write about them.

Read the linked essay on the downgrade of the US credit rating, and what's important for us now.

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I know none of this will be easy, but, “thick” or not, the average American outside the D.C. politico bubble knows that we no longer have a choice! We will have entitlement reform and a balanced budget; it’s just a matter of how. We can do it ourselves in a calm, methodical, and responsible manner, or we can wait for the world’s capital markets to ram it down on us. Let’s be responsible and do it ourselves.
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