Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ted Cruz doesn't pander #TXSen #tcot

I can't stand silly politicians, who will spout silliness because they believe it.

I also can't stand politicians who will agree with silliness just to get elected.

Far, far better are politicians who will make a case for their principles -- whatever those principles are. Ted Cruz, candidate on the Republican side for US Senator from Texas, is one who will do that.

Give me a campaigning politician who will make a principled argument, and I'll show you an elected official who will lead.

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Ted Cruz highlights RNHA meeting

Gotta love retail politics because it separates the wanna be politicians from the ones that are willing to work hard to get elected. I mean, seriously, would you want to speak at three or four meetings a day to groups that average 20 people? That is what it takes to win a primary race in Texas and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz appears to understand this because his schedule is full of these types of meetings. Last night’s meeting of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly-Harris County was a perfect example of retail politics.

Then it was time for the featured speaker of the evening, Ted Cruz. Some people think that speaking in front of large crowds is hard but the truth is that it is much, much harder to address a very small group like the one assembled last night. Counting Mr. Cruz and his assistant, there were 16 people in the room. Mr. Cruz did an excellent job of outlining his campaign, from the “why I’m running” all the way to the “what you can do to help me”. 

The highlight of the evening for me was when he took questions from the audience. One of the questions was about free trade – the questioner obviously didn’t believe in free trade, claiming that we were sending all of our jobs overseas and would never get them back.  It was refreshing to hear a politician not suck up to a potential voter – instead, Mr. Cruz gave a quick lesson in free market economics that really showed the depth and breadth of his knowledge of economics. When was the last time you heard a politician talk off the cuff, accurately, about public choice theory and the economics of taxation?  Very, very impressive.


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Clean Solution for California Energy

To meet Jerry Brown's demand that a third of electrical power must be generated with renewable sources, California energy companies should:

  1. Purchase large fans, such as are used to create wind effects in Hollywood movies.

  2. Power the wind machines with coal-fired power plants.

  3. Use the fans to drive wind turbines

Granted, some energy is lost in the transfer, but this plan has the advantage that, if enough fans are bought and enough coal is burned, the demand for clean, renewable energy can at least be met.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

The World's Stupidest Post #birthers

So someone at Canada Free Press posted about Trump being so great and the One True Conservative because he's going after Obama on the birth certificate. Never mind that the birth certificate issue was first brought up by Hillary supporters.

In a comment to the linked post, I wrote the following:

Obama's eligibility is not the most important issue.

Yes, the Constitution is at the center of our country's government, and adherence to it is important and fundamental. I swore an oath to defend it "from all enemies, foreign and domestic", and have never considered myself released from that oath. I believe it should be interpreted by the meaning of the words as the founders meant them when they wrote them.

I am as conservative as anyone, perhaps more than anyone.

Further, I am curious about Obama's history, his ties to communists, and where he picked up these unAmerican ideas of his.

But if the President is found ineligible, it does not immediately mean that anything he did in office is illegal. That you would suggest otherwise makes you sound like a crackpot.

Obama's mother was an American. A stinking commie, but an American. Passing though the birth canal of an American woman is not good enough, but a piece of paper is? I would not have the President declared ineligible merely because of a paperwork issue.

There are other Constitutional issues on which to attack Obama, so your contention that this is the most important one is a matter of interpretation.

Finally, Donald Trump has a record of saying whatever he thinks is popular at the time. He called for universal health care in his book in 2000. He called George Bush the worst president in history, and wondered why Nancy Pelosi hadn't done more to impeach him for "lying us into Iraq".

Trump is an idiot, and anyone who buys his crap is a worse idiot.

And by "idiot", I mean not a conservative.

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Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled Opposition, and the Clueless

Make no mistake, the question of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS is of vital importance, and seeing as Donald Trump is the ONLY figure of national stature to address the issue, it is incumbent on every constitutional conservative (read that as “patriotic American”) to support Trump, until something better comes down the pike—and I don’t see anyone else coming down the road at the moment.


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's have the Big Budget Fight now.

Why wait?

Shut the government down.

Reauthorize agencies and departments, one at a time, at 2006 or 2008 spending levels for the rest of the year. Reset the baseline for the FY12 budget.

Do that, Mr. Boehner, and I will personally come to your district in Ohio and knock on doors asking for votes for you. And I won't be alone.

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HOLD EVERYTHING: There's No Budget Deal, And The Government May Still Shut Down

On Friday, The White House and the GOP came to a budget agreement to fund the government for the rest of Fiscal Year 2011, averting a government shutdown.

But they didn't actually vote on the deal. They voted on a 1-week continuing resolution so they could wrangle up the details for an official vote this week. And that might not work out.

The buzz out of DC is that the number of GOPers who will vote "no" is growing.

Even if this isn't the case, it's pretty ominous for the bigger debates -- the debt ceiling, the 2012 budget -- that are due to begin in just weeks. As we noted this weekend, the whole reason the GOP caved on certain issues, was because they knew the much bigger fights were right around the corner.


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The Budget Deal: All Phony

So Speaker Boehner and the Democrats came to an agreement to spend this year essentially what the Democrats proposed.

All of his figures are "less than what the President wanted to spend."

So there are no cuts at all, only a little quibbling over whether Obama is to get all of what he asked for, or more than he expected.

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So the budget deal is supposed to deliver $38 billion in spending cuts, including $20 billion in cuts to domestic discretionary spending. (House Republicans originally passed $61 billion of cuts in that category of spending.) Based on news accounts, quite a lot of that $20 billion could be phony: $6.2 billion in unspent money for the Census; $2.5 billion of highway funds that couldn’t be spent; $3.5 billion of unused spending authority in a children’s health-care program. Is it possible that Republicans have gone from $61 billion in domestic discretionary savings all the way down to $8 billion?


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rasmussen: Obama Approval New Low #tcot

President Obama is managing to irritate his base while simultaneously failing to appeal to opponents.

The new low came among those who Strongly Approve of the President's performance, mostly hard-left progressives.

Obama's inability or aversion to making decisions is not helping his standing with voters.

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The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 19% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20 (see trends).

Today’s numbers reflect the lowest level of Strong Approval yet recorded for this president. There has been a sharp decline in enthusiasm among liberal voters.

Sixty-one percent (61%) believe that enforcing immigration laws would reduce poverty.

Most voters continue to favor repeal of last year’s new health care law.


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Health Care News - @HeartlandInst

Tea Party groups need to keep their legislators and governors from implementing Obamacare. Here is one state that did it.

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Georgia Health Exchange Bill Withdrawn After Tea Party Pushback

Responding to a backlash led by Georgia Tea Party activists against implementation of President Obama’s health care law, Republican Governor Nathan Deal decided to reconsider legislation that would have mandated the creation of a Georgia health insurance exchange.

Proponents said the bill would allow them to plan for an exchange while continuing to fight Obamacare in court. Activists claimed the law would have jeopardized those court challenges and undercut their arguments against the policy.


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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Vetting Candidates #teaparty #tcot

I have written a first stab at something that has been missing in the public web, as far as I can tell from bingoogling around, and that is an outline on how to systematically vet a candidate for office.

The piece, available at and, is written primarily from the point of view of a Precinct Committeeman. But it is general enough to serve as both the jumping off point for activists interviewing candidates and as a set of principles the average well-informed voter can use when deciding among candidates for higher office.

At least, that was the intent.

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Vetting Candidates

Most of us have done a very limited amount of vetting candidates, though of course we size them up all the time. But there is a difference between choosing among a group of candidates from their media presentation and actually vetting them. Vetting is a systematic process for discovering the strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates before offering them assistance.

The process of vetting is especially important to Precinct Committemen, who are the ultimate grassroots activists. As members of political parties, committeemen (or precinct captains, delegates, or whatever they are called in your state) are the first line of defense in keeping the bad actors out of politics — and in identifying good public servants, as well.

Retail Politics Bobby Jindal

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dear Hill: You lie. And bring it on.

The linked article from The Hill has two fundamental problems. The experts they quote don't say that momentum is shifting, only that the Democrats would like the momentum to shift. And they assume that the blaming the Republicans for a government shutdown would be positive for Democrats.

To the second point, since Americans favor a government shutdown over increased spending 2:1. the proper word is not "blame", but "credit".

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Momentum shifts toward Democrats in PR battle over shutdown

Momentum in the partisan messaging battle over who’s to blame if the government shuts down has shifted in recent weeks to favor Democrats, according to political experts.


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Friday, April 01, 2011

Oh, dear. Andy Martin 2012.

The same Andy Martin who ran against Mark Kirk (R-IL) for the US Senate. By taking out ads explicitly calling Kirk a homosexual, Martin thought to help his own chances. The ads (unsurprisingly) backfired. Martin didn't get double digits, coming in a distant fifth in the Republican primary.

Via the FEC.

Andy Martin
having received his undergraduate and law degrees from the
University of Illinois, is a trusted Midwesterner; with
genuine conservative values and a practical, creative
approach to solving America's economic problems.

Jobs come first; working families are his priority. He will
Stand Up 
for Main
Street and Stand Up 
to Wall


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