Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Budget Deal: All Phony

So Speaker Boehner and the Democrats came to an agreement to spend this year essentially what the Democrats proposed.

All of his figures are "less than what the President wanted to spend."

So there are no cuts at all, only a little quibbling over whether Obama is to get all of what he asked for, or more than he expected.

Amplify’d from www.nationalreview.com

So the budget deal is supposed to deliver $38 billion in spending cuts, including $20 billion in cuts to domestic discretionary spending. (House Republicans originally passed $61 billion of cuts in that category of spending.) Based on news accounts, quite a lot of that $20 billion could be phony: $6.2 billion in unspent money for the Census; $2.5 billion of highway funds that couldn’t be spent; $3.5 billion of unused spending authority in a children’s health-care program. Is it possible that Republicans have gone from $61 billion in domestic discretionary savings all the way down to $8 billion?

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