Thursday, July 31, 2008

Barack Obama and the False Dilemma

We don't need to drill for more oil, he says, we just need properly inflated tires.

Why not both?

It takes zero effort on the part of oil producers for me to inflate my tires. It takes zero effort on my part
for them to drill for oil.

All it takes is for Barack Obama to get out of their way.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama Throws Our Troops Under the Bus

Barack Obama, who doesn't deserve a U.S. Government paycheck, has claimed that the success of our efforts in Iraq was not due to the surge in forces there, but only to the uprising of Iraqi Sunnis against Al Qaeda.

He said the fact that it happened at the same time as the surge was just coincidental. In reality, without the surge, showing the Sunnis that America was going to win, they would still be cowering and afraid of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda, which Obama once said wasn't in Iraq.

He called the defeat of the Shiite militias such as the former Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr their decision to decrease the footprint of their military components. In reality, they have a decreased footprint because after the surge most of them have no more feet, or heads, or heartbeats. Because of the surge.

After all of the success, he says the surge was still a mistake. Our troops and their great successes he attributes to those they liberated.

I call for Obama to resign from the Senate and drop out of the race for President.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Even a Stopped Clock Is Right Twice a Day

Barack Obama has been calling for a pullout from Iraq for years. Now that the battle is largely won, and there will soon be no need for a war-sized contingent of Americn troops there, it's time for that to actually happen. But it isn't because of anything Obama said. It's because of what John McCain said.

All during the war, McCain consistently called for increased troop strength in Iraq, declaring that he had "no confidence" in Donald Rumsfeld and his inadequate numbers. Obama consistently called for throwing in the towel, as he's still doing. His time frame varied from immediate withdrawal to some vague schedule implemented on consultation with generals of his choosing. He didn't ask the Iraqis, because he wasn't ever there long enough to lose jet lag, much less talk to anyone.

Obama, having stumbled onto a 16-month withdrawal schedule, must have been pleased when Iraqi President Nouri Al-Maliki said that 16 months was about the right amount of time for a US drawdown.

The only problem is that Al-Maliki only wants the US to leave if things stay stable. His motivation is not that the US leave, but for Iraq to stand on its own, without the US presence. So his motivation for wanting our troops to leave is that they are no longer needed. Victory has been or soon will be achieved, so it's time.

Obama, in his partisan zeal to achieve defeat in Iraq, got something right in spite of himself.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama is Embarrassed by Americans

There's a reason people in Europe a multilingual. They're Europeans. They don't have a common language, except English.

And they're having a very difficult time becoming a European nation because of it.

I understand the value of learning other languages. I've learned a smattering of Spanish, French, Japanese, Latin, and Ancient Greek, though the latter two not conversationally. But learning these languages forces one to see a different map on reality, and helps in learning one's own language better.

But I understand even more the importance of language to culture. When I can walk into any restaurant, shop, or business and know that I can communicate without trouble with the people there, it makes my life easier. It makes it easier for me to succeed, and easier to trust my neighbors.

I want the people who are my countrymen to share my culture, ideas, and beliefs. That is why having a common language is important. In America, for better or worse, we speak English. Those who immigrate here should learn the language so they can fit in, rather than insisting that everyone else adjust to them.

Everyone the world over wants to learn English. They don't want to learn French. French is a pretty language, sure, prettier than English. But still, people clamor to learn the language of freedom.

Go figure.

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