Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama Throws Our Troops Under the Bus

Barack Obama, who doesn't deserve a U.S. Government paycheck, has claimed that the success of our efforts in Iraq was not due to the surge in forces there, but only to the uprising of Iraqi Sunnis against Al Qaeda.

He said the fact that it happened at the same time as the surge was just coincidental. In reality, without the surge, showing the Sunnis that America was going to win, they would still be cowering and afraid of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda, which Obama once said wasn't in Iraq.

He called the defeat of the Shiite militias such as the former Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr their decision to decrease the footprint of their military components. In reality, they have a decreased footprint because after the surge most of them have no more feet, or heads, or heartbeats. Because of the surge.

After all of the success, he says the surge was still a mistake. Our troops and their great successes he attributes to those they liberated.

I call for Obama to resign from the Senate and drop out of the race for President.

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Anonymous said...

I second your motion, Loren.

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