Sunday, February 24, 2008

Health Insurance is the problem, not the solution.

I don't like health insurance. It's a shell game. We pay hundreds of dollars a month, thousands a year, and for that we get the opportunity to pay $20 to waste an hour waiting for a doctor to see us 5 minutes and not do anything.

It's a scam that encourages doctors to inflate their prices and overschedule themselves. The liberals want to fix the system by mandating that everyone have health insurance.

Health insurance as a way to pay for routine medical needs ought to be illegal, not mandatory. It should be reserved for extraordinary events, like early onset of life-ending conditions.

No, I don't actually favor laws against health insurance. But I certainly don't think it should be mandatory.

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Anonymous said...

"Shame on you!" -Jimmy

KnightErrant said...

Someone once wrote that life insurance is gambling - the insurer is betting you will live a long and happy life, you are betting you will die young.

Health insurance is the same thing. The company is betting on you staying healthy, you are betting you will get deathly ill.

In both cases, they are the only gambling wagers you want to lose.

P.S. This doesn't not absolve those companies (like Blue Cross here in California) that willingly take your money while healthy only to try to find a reason to drop you once you become sick.

Jeff said...

Well no matter what, somebody is going to pay the costs of all these people without care. That is just the way it is. So mandatory universal health care of some type needs to be in place. Health care costs are going to bring this nation down in the long run. We have got to get ahold of the problem now.

Loren Heal said...

"somebody is going to pay the costs of all these people without care. "

You've made a typo there, as I'm sure you meant "somebody is going to pay the costs of all these people without insurance." The point of today's entry is that I believe the costs are a lot higher because of the insurance.

Not only that, but the care is not as good. Doctors are in the business now of charging to make you better, while you pay an amortized cost. They should make more money when you stay well.

Which came first, the doctor or the HMO?

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