Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Charging the mound on a curve in the dirt

(via Redstate) A reporter from the Las Vegas CBS affiliate asked presidential candidate and presumptive Democratic Party nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) why he supported a bill put forth by Sith Lord Darth Chenius that contained tax breaks for oil companies.

All Obama should have said was that there are lots of things in every bill, some good and some bad, and if the good things in the bill outweigh the bad you vote for it.

But instead he accused the reporter of being in the tank for McCain. And then he said what he should have said.

That pitch wasn't at your head, Senator. It wasn't even a fastball.

In the same interview, Obama flip-flopped on nuclear power, saying there's room for nuclear power in our "energy mix", but pandered to the Nevadans that the waste shouldn't go in their back yard.

Politicians shouldn't be designing our energy mix. The free market should. If people don't want oil, or nuclear, or whatever, they won't buy it. But they do want those things. Politicians like Obama want to control everything and make decisions for us, because they don't think we can figure out what's good for us on our own.

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