Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Pitch Explanation

President Obama threw out the first pitch at the MLB All-Star Game.

It did not bounce before getting to the catcher. That bactrian trajectory is a new pitch perfected by Obama in preparation for the game.

The president threw out the first pitch without a teleprompter.

There is no evidence that the Commander-in-Chief was distracted by a hot Brazilian teenager, nor even that any were present at the game.

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innominatus said...

Bactrian, as in the ball follows the path of a camel's hump?

My juvenile sense of humor has already conjured up a bunch of "Obama's camel humping balls in the dirt" that are in poor taste. Better go before I get myself in trouble.

Loren Heal said...

Yes, that was indeed the sense of 'bactrian'.

However, for giving me the image of Barack Obama humping a camel, you are banned.

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