Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Uh, @ewerickson? Check your sources.

I know it's hard to pass up the admission against interest aspect of the Democratic Underground calling Eric Holder an international criminal and terrorist supporter.

But considering the other bat-guano crazy material in their post ( you linked to from Redstate (, their reliability as a source takes something of a hit.

I mean, they thought Obama was one of them all along.

Chiquita death squad attorney Eric Holder floated for U.S. Attorney General!
Obama might as well appoint Albert Gonzales as A.G. That's what Holder and Gonzales do for a living--they get big powerful, multi-millionaire white men immunity for mass murder of the poor and the brown.

I was willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on the appointment of Rahm Emmanuel as WH chief of staff--at least until we see who he wants as DNC chair (if Dean is leaving that position). Emmanuel is the DLC politico who went round dropping cash on pro-war Democrats, to defeat anti-war Democrats and real leftists (majorityists) in the '06 primaries. He is as responsible as Pelosi and Reid for Congress' 10% approval rating (worse than Bush!). This is to be Obama's "gatekeeper"--a powerful DLCer who hates the grass roots and the 70% majority of Americans opposed to the Iraq War, and likely would have done anything in his power to prevent Obama from getting the nomination? Yup! Him. Chief of staff.

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