Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Quoting from the G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on Apr 17, 2006 02:35:57 GMT.

Prior to joining CSIS in August 2001, Mary O. McCarthy was a senior policy adviser to the CIA's deputy director for science and technology. Until July 2001, she served as special assistant to the president and senior director for intelligence programs on the National Security Council (NSC) Staff, under both Presidents Clinton and Bush. From 1991 until her appointment to the NSC, McCarthy served on the National Intelligence Council. She began her government service as an analyst, then manager, in CIA's Directorate of Intelligence, holding positions in both African and Latin American analysis. From 1979 to 1984 she was employed by BERI, S.A., conducting financial, operational, and political risk assessments for multinational companies and banks. Previously she had taught at the University of Minnesota and was director of the Social Science Data Archive at Yale University. McCarthy has a B.A. and M.A. in history from Michigan State University, an M.A. in library science from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Minnesota. She is the author of Social Change and the Growth of British Power in the Gold Coast (University Press of America, 1983).
Read her testimony before the 9/11 Commision.

See that she gave $7500 in 2004 ($5000 to Ohio Dems, $2000 to John Kerry, $500 to a PAC ) to the Democratic Party and affiliates. Not to get too personal, but according Fundrace her husband gave another $2500 , so together that's $10,000. That Fundrace Neighbor Search shows that she lives in a very Blue neighborhood, but that may just be because it's in Bethesda.

A reporter covering a symposium where she was a presenter in 2003 wrote, "McCarthy was restricted from speaking freely on some topics because of her CIA background." So she kept secrets sometimes.

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