Saturday, October 21, 2006

They're Not Coming Not To Take You Away

When will the jackbooted thugs stop not sweeping down in their unmarked vans and silent, radar-proof black helicopters not to take us all away? When will we be left alone for opening our mouths in opposition to their wicked scheme of defending our freedom to speak? How long can they tolerate our bravery? Well, I will not stop speaking out against the dangers of passing laws against detaining citizens! Laws forbidding the government from detaining citizens are clearly constitutional, and must therefore be protested as dangerous to the freedom of everyone the world over to use and threaten violence against civilian targets for political gain.

After all, just because the Constitution doesn't list a right of foreigners to commit terrorism, that doesn't mean they shouldn't have it. Why, we might want to commit terrorism ourselves one day, and having denied that right to our enemies, it would be hard to justify taking it up for ourselves.

So let us charge directly from "alien nonaligned combatants" to "random US citizen", with a leap of faith directly over ("but it might happen"). We need not use Occam's Razor here, because likelihood is not important. Only a possibility, based on partisan superstition, is necessary to assert proof.

What we must do, if the freedom to terrorize is to be preserved for posterity, is disregard both outdated logic and the reality we see around us, but know not to be truly real. To wit: we know that the government wants to imprison some set of citizens as terrorists, and have it be legal. Therefore, dispensing with outdated logic, we know that it would need to pass a law that doesn't make gitmoing citizens legal. Since this law would not make it legal for them to do so., they would have to break the law to do it. Since we know they are willing to break the law, that is why they needed to pass another one. The reason most people can't understand that is that they insist on using the outdated form of logic, rather than the latest trend.

Others fail to understand that the government desperately wants to send citizens to jail, without possibility of habeas corpus. That is why they in governement uniformly repeatedly say they don't want to detain citizens. They keep running for reelection, somehow hiding their true purpose, which is to build enough jails to hold us all.

One wonders how it escapes the average person's attention. After all, we've been sent to public schools, and have sat through hour upon hour of sensitivity training. If only we had been exposed to the new form of logic earlier, perhaps prenatally, we would finally understand what isn't happening.

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