Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Diagnosis: Liar

It seems that convicted terrorist Ahmed Ressam is dissatisfied with his sentence. Ressam was the terrorist convicted of plotting to blow up the Seattle Space Needle at the turn of the millennium. After his conviction, he began cooperating with the authorities, perhaps with a change of heart, but more likely just to get his sentence reduced.

U.S. District Judge John Coughenour of Seattle, who sentenced Ressam, said the information he provided was "startlingly helpful."

But Ressam's cooperation came to a halt by early 2003, resulting in charges being dropped against two other co[-]conspirators. His lawyers said years of solitary confinement, broken by periods of intense interrogation, had taken their toll on his mental health and corrupted his memory.

His mental health? He came in to the criminal justice system because he was trying to kill hundreds of innocent people. So, with respect to his mental health, what further harm is there to do, and how can we tell that harm is being done?

Maybe he now he's actually becoming wicked, and wants to contribute to global warming.

h/t Redstate

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