Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Penalty for Early Withdrawal?

Poor Markos. The New York Times as his irrefutable authority, he quotes their article saying:

  1. Bush is looking for someone to blame, label as traitor
  2. Bush thinks General Casey too interested in withdrawal, not victory
  3. Bush thinks this is cause of problem

He repeats the above, snarkily:

We're losing the war because our top general in Iraq doesn't want to win, he wants to get out. And since withdrawal equals defeat, any effort to reduce our military footprint in Iraq is, by definition, defeat. It's that simple!

And goes boldly on with:
No one wants to win in Iraq. Not even the troops! Hang them all as traitors!

Fallacy by hyperbole. (Many people want to win in Iraq. Withdrawal from a stable Iraq was the plan all along. General Casey is not the troops. No one is suggesting that General Casey is a traitor.)

Woe are Bush, McCain, Lieberman, and the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. Alone in their mighty struggle against "Islamofascism". They are the last line of defense against Sharia Law in the United States. Or something.

Intended as biting sarcasm, revealing that Kos thinks that either A) Islamofascism is too weak to require opposition or B) he himself opposes Islamofascism, by whatever name.

(if only we could get them and their families to actually pick up a rifle and fight for what they supposedly believe in...)
Ah, the Chickenhawk Attack (argumentum ad hominem, with a healthy dose of tu quoque thrown in for good measure) Apparently the fallacious nature of the Chickenhawk Attack is lost on Kos.

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