Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bowling for Burma Shave [Updated]

On my way to work I pass on the highway a series of roadsigns in the spirit of the old Burma Shave advertising signs. You know the kind, a little poem written on signs placed far enough apart so you can read them out loud one line at a time.

Young Thugs

Won't Dare Attack

If A Teacher

Might Shoot Back

Guns Save

The signs aren't clickable, and that's fortunate, because apparently the site given by the last one has been hijacked by Russian parasuits.
[Update: I mistyped the URL. Take a click at the site that I should have showed you the first time.]

The nice thing about the placement of these signs is that a good portion of the traffic passing them is destined for the Socialist Republic of Chicago. I'll get a picture of the signs, if I can do so without getting arrested by the Illinois Storm Troopers.

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