Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hegseth for SecDef

The Best Article Ever on why we must continue to fight in Iraq. Pete Hegseth, an Army National Guard Lieutenant, takes apart the three worst errors held by the Anti-War Left about Iraq:

  1. A deadline for withdrawal would pressure the Iraqi government
  2. We can draw down troops and just fight terrorist
  3. It's possible to give in to full on BDS and still "support the troops"
Read his article. I add:
  1. If the Iraqis could stabilize their country, don't you think they would do so? As if they like having a few dozen of their countrymen cut down by suicide bombs.
  2. The Dems have no intention of fighting anybody.
  3. The first lesson for dealing with troops is: they can spot a liar a mile off. They know when someone is giving them lip service. It doesn't work.
H/T Pejman

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rick the mouseherder said...

Vets for Freedom is a front organization run by a GOP PR firm dedicated to defeating candidates who what to end the war in Iraq.

1st Lt Pete Hegseth's real day job is as a conservative think tanker at the very conservative Manhattan Institute

Every view should be heard, but you should have revealed his real day job and his professional political ties should have been made known.

Pete is only a very part-time soldier who fools around a little bit in the Army NG. I honor his service. I even honor his opinion, but this organization Lt. Hegseth fronts is really kind of a GOP Swift Boating in reverse.

Please check the credentials of people who present that "just folks" facade while fronting causes.

Loren Heal said...

Nice ad hominem, there rick the mh. I didn't know Pete's "real day job", nor do I know yours. Ideas are ideas.

Calling Pete a "very part-time soldier who fools around a bit in the Army NG" belies your statement that you honor his service.

Pete is not "Swift Boating", not even in reverse.
You are trying to attack Pete's credibility by smearing the organizations he works for now, rather than questioning his valor and leadership in battle as the Swifties did for John Kerry. So you are the closest thing to a reverse swift boater in this.

Be honest, or don't post here.

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