Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Helicopters Don't Kill People

Anti-War Activists Kill People

In the wake of our withdrawal from Viet Nam, millions died at the hands of Vietnamese communists and of those of the regimes that soon entered the power vacuum created by our departure.

To believe that Al-Qaida would be less efficient is a nice gamble to take with other people's lives ... especially if you believe we caused the mess.

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tnmartin said...

A few years ago, when living in western Arkansas, my wife got to know a lady who was at the time of the Last Helicopter, a little VietNamese girl orphan. The rest of her family was, to the best of her knowledge, massacred by the VC. Something made possible by the Democrat party. Loathsome toads like Ted Kennedy (spit, spit). I can not imagine her feelings now as the same sort of loathsome toads (including Ted 'the murderer' Kennedy) prepare to sacrifice yet another land so that they can feel good about themselves while trashing their country.
No, helicopters don't kill people. But ideas have consequences, and if some of those consequences are evil, what does that imply for the ideas? Yet such an effort at logic defies our political class.

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