Monday, March 02, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Is Not My Leader

He is a leader of the libertarian*-conservative movement, but he's not the leader of it. It has no leader, nor does it need just one leader. It needs what it has: millions of leaders.

For the record I listen to Rush nearly every day, and mostly agree with him. Sometimes I disagree, and sometimes when I do so it turns out he was right all along. But he is not always right -- just usually so.

* I don't care if Libertarians or libertarians agree with that assessment. Rush is a free marketer, and despite self-labeling as a conservative and championing socially conservative positions, he is equally outspoken in favor of individual liberty.

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adagioforstrings said...

I suppose Obama's followers feel it's easier to eliminate Limbaugh with the hopes that his listeners will disappear than it is to refute him:

"there's a difference between being a "leader" and being a "voice" and the Left has the two confused, possibly because they can't wrap their minds around the latter. A leader tells you what to think. Contrary to the Left's belief, Rush doesn't tell his listeners what to think--he only says what THEY think. The Left can't stand the idea that so many multitudes might think as he does--that scares them more than one big mouthed individual--so they're trying to turn tables and pin the "leader" label on him. In their minds, a single leader is easier to take out than millions"

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