Monday, March 16, 2009

Someone Needs to Tighten Reins at Politico

Capital is what you have. Capitol is where they take it.

Obama tightens reins on capital

By MANU RAJU & MIKE ALLEN | 3/16/09 4:07 AM EDT

No longer will the president tread gingerly in his dealings with Congress and lose control of the message war.

Marking a new season in his young presidency, President Barack Obama and his allies around Washington are about to give the capital a bracing lesson in one-party rule.

I thought you guys were the professionals.

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spacemonkey said...

Hey, it passed spell check. Therefore no correction was required.

Grammar checking is for chumps.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe he's tightening the reins around the entire city! ~JimmyBoaConstrictor

Anonymous said...

Someone has quit blogging. :-( Ymmij

NunyaB said...

Actually, Obama tightening the reins on "capital" (money) is sadly correct.

After all, how else can HE be the one who knows best how to spend OUR money unless he tightens the reins in how much we're allowed to have?


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