Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama To Make Draconian Budget Cuts

President Obama, after spending a mere trillion dollars on government growth in an effort to "stimulate" the economy, and pushing dramatic leaps in Federal spending in his budget, has laid out a bold plan to cut as much as $100 million.


How can he make these awful cuts, while spending in other areas barely keeps pace? Is he going to order women and children to starve in the street, while AIDS patients are left with no medicines, and senior citizens choose between paying the light bill and buying cat food to eat?

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innominatus said...

That $100M cut is really going to mess up the Presidential Pizza Program. They'll have to settle for flying it in from somewhere closer - maybe Cleveland next time.

Loren Heal said...

That is beyond the pale. I thought I was being outrageous to suggest cuts in AIDS research or school lunches, but then you have to mention the most basic function of government, supplying the President with pizza.

But you go further and explicitly state that pizza could be brought in from Cleveland.


He may be a disengenous demagogue, but he's still the President, and not deserving of such fare.

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