Saturday, January 08, 2011

Quinn A-Tax Illinois | 75% tax hike, Spending,Borrowing. All plotted behind closed doors. #ILGOP #teaparty

Sneaking around in the lame duck session to rob the taxpayers blind, all because he can't say know to his public sector union puppetmasters.

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Democrats kept their grip on power in the Illinois Legislature and won the governorship by the slimmest of margins, and they are going to make voters pay for it. Emboldened by his reelection, Governor Quinn and legislative allies are seizing on the lame duck session to sneak through a radical tax and spending plan the voters did not expect and would not have accepted.

Campaigning in 2010, Gov. Pat Quinn declared his intention to raise income taxes from 3% to 4%. So after winning the election by a razor-thin margin over Bill Brady, Quinn had some claim to a mandate, since the people who voted for him knew that was his plan.

Visit, find your representatives, and express your interest in this matter.


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