Monday, January 24, 2011

Why wealthy conservatives should give to the grassroots, instead of wasting it. #tcot #teaparty

The argument, laid out in Vassar's colloquial prose, goes something like this:

Conservatives earn their money.

They also respect the value of a dollar.

To further conservative values, both energy and money are needed.

Rely on the sweat equity of the grassroots.

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The soul of conservatism is defined by sweat equity.

…for conservatism’s greatest strengths (we work for our livelihoods and generally think the best of each other) have been turned against us, while the Left’s greatest weaknesses (they bitch and whine, doth party and sloth a lot and are filled with hate) have been turned into assets.

And we also know it’s very difficult to keep the ideal of sweat equity in the family once a certain amount of wealth is obtained. So of equal importance to the Constitutional blueprint is that the wealthy man must pass on “his legacy” of success by extending his hand back down the hill to those coming up behind. This handshake is a bond, not unlike the Eucharist, that links him to every generation of builder who came before him and to every would-be builder he can touch who will come after him. It is an acknowledgment that once upon a time he’d been there, too. It is a quiet prayer of thanksgiving in one direction while a “Follow me, boys” in the other.

The loss of this handshake, and its meaning, has been the failed legacy of conservative wealth in America in the last forty years.


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