Friday, October 10, 2008

Crying Wolf About Racism a Good Thing?

It seems that every time a criticism of the Obama campaign sneaks its way through the media blockade, the final defense it must meet is a cry of racism.

Did Obama spend 20 years attending a church with an anti-semitic, racist message? Racist.

Obama friendly with terrorists? Racist (even though the terrorist in question is white).

Using his middle name? Racist.

I won't bore you by listing more examples, of which there is a seemingly endless supply.

Because what I really think is that all of these knee-jerk charges of racism may be positive in the long run, if they so diminish the charge itself that it becomes meaningless. If everything is racist, then nothing is.

However, the labeling of every criticism as racist is only part of the Obama race strategy. The other, or perhaps an other, tine of the strategy is to announce that racist attacks, even assassination attempts, are coming.

But it's all balderdash. The people who don't like Obama don't like him because his ideas suck, not because of his melanin level.

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Dallas said...

Nice site!

You and I share a flare for the philosophical approach to Conservatism. Keep up the good work.

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