Monday, October 27, 2008

Department of Kumbaya

Department of Peace? Please, let's strangle H.R. 808 at birth:

(a) In General- The Secretary shall--
  1. work proactively and interactively with each branch of the Federal Government on all policy matters relating to conditions of peace;
  2. serve as a delegate to the National Security Council;
  3. call on the intellectual and spiritual wealth of the people of the United States and seek participation in its administration and in its development of policy from private, public, and nongovernmental organizations; and
  4. monitor and analyze causative principles of conflict and make policy recommendations for developing and maintaining peaceful conduct.

The Secretary of Peace will have the authority to bureaucratically muck around with the entire government, including the judiciary. The Secretary will be on the NSC, and able to leak anything that goes on there. The Department will give a cabinet-level megaphone to every lunactivist academic kook who claims to oppose something bad, though that may be trice redundant.

Kum Ba Ya.

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