Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama: "One Week Until We Change America"

Barack Obama has been predicting that in a short time his election would "change America". The phrase goes along with his campaign theme of change, but in typical Liberal overreach, says more than perhaps it ought to say, if the goal is not to lose votes.

Because while it's sometimes appropriate to change direction, you don't have to change who you are to change direction. And to "change America" suggests a change to who we are.

If Obama were merely talking about changing our priorities, or changing our politics, or changing direction, he would stick to saying those things. But to speak of changing America is going not to a tailor but a surgeon, expressing a desire for an alteration not to the clothes, but to the wearer.

And change America how? That is, to change something implies a prior state of being and a future one.

But the America that Obama says he wants to change from appears to be the America that his racist and anti-semitic pastor Jeremiah Wright knows: still stuck not in 1958, but in an alternate reality of 1958 in which the government conducts experiments on black people to control them. (Jerry, clue in: the government doesn't use experiments to control black people, they use the Democrats).

Taken with recent revelations about Obama's desire to redistribute wealth, it becomes pretty obvious that, as is a defining characteristic of liberals, he wants to throw away the baby with the bathwater and do away with the economic system that made America the most powerful country in the world, replacing it with a system that purports ensure social and economic justice.

But ensuring those things would require enforced equal outcomes. And no matter how many times it's tried, nor how many names it's given, tyranny doesn't work.

w/t Mona Charen, and Terrestrial Musings agrees.

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