Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Concord Project goes live. Read at Redstate. #tcot #teaparty

Democrats, we're coming for you. You should probably keep dismissing us as racist flyover hatemongers, though.

You haven't reached us all yet.

Amplify’d from www.redstate.com

I’d wager that when Krempasky, Domenech, and Trevino founded Redstate as a platform for Moe Lane’s snark, they didn’t realize that what they were really doing was preparing the way for The Concord Project.

But here we are. It’s 2010, under two months from the election that will determine whether the US will become a full socialist state, or having tasted it, will turn back to freedom.

There is now to be no excuse. The whole job is not yours! Only this one part. Each step will be laid out before you.

To get started, the path is easy. You need but click, fill in a form, read, watch, and begin.

Read more at www.redstate.com

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