Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Eternal Flame | Redstate #teaparty #tcot

The Tea Party movement is just a part of the conservative awakening in America. It focuses on fiscal issues, but these are inextricably linked to social and military ones.

We should have known that we had to be constantly watchful. But the liberals (in both parties) have gotten us into a nasty mess. Only by returning to her founding principles can America recover.

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At the recent Redstate Gathering, an attendee asked what we can do to push back the agenda of the left so that we can stop dealing with all of this stuff every day, and get things back to normal.

Jefferson might have answered that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  He was talking about us.  This is normal, friend — and to me it feels great.

Most Americans have culturally inculcated a deep respect for our Constitution and its traditions. We might quibble with this amendment or that one, or differ on the interpretation of one clause or another.  But we know that the United States Constitution stands across history as a flame burning bright, bright enough to call immigrants from across oceans, strong enough to guide us in our darkest hour.

We didn’t get here in two years, and we can’t undo the damage in two. Our country — our society — will take a long time to fix.  But fix it we must.

It begins, but does not end, November 2.

We're Coming For You  - Nov 2
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