Thursday, September 30, 2010

Randy Demmer, #MN01. #teaparty #tcot @consknight

Minnesota's 1st Congressional District is a rural farming area. The people there are conservatives. They live in the country so that no one can tell them what to do.

And they're represented in Washington by Tim Walz. This union sop wants or voted for:


- Stimulus 1 and 2

- ObamaCare

- Cap and Trade


- Card check

and most of all, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

Remember, no matter how much he talks himself up as a pro-gun moderate veteran, Walz would cast a vote for Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco liberal, as Speaker. So none of his moderate views even matter.

Click on the YouTube search, and see what some of the liberals have been saying about him.

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Anonymous said...

Get your DC-issued talking points right before you try to tell people in southern Minnesota what to do. Walz voted against TARP twice.

Loren Heal said...


But he's a vote for stimulus I, II, and whatever else is coming?

Did I mention he's pro-abortion? As in, thinks it should "always be legal"?

But I don't get anything from DC. I live in Illinois, in an area just like MN-O1.

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