Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obama reaches out to business -- to grab their loot #tcot #ATR #teaparty

Barack Obama, like the rest of the socialist left, hates business. He believes that anyone who has money either is a thief or inherited it from a long line of thieves, and in either case ought to seriously consider how much is enough.

So it comes as no surprise that he thinks business is just sitting on $2T because the right yacht hasn't come up for sale yet.

In fact, it is his very policies that are keeping businesses on the sidelines.

Read more over at Americans for Tax Reform.

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Obama Offers Poisoned Olive Branch to Businesses

Last Wednesday, President Obama met with 20 leaders of major corporations to discuss cooperation on job growth and economic recovery.  This bridge-building is a departure from the current administration’s typically contentious attitude toward Big Business.
Indeed, Obama’s newfound solicitousness seems to be based more on his old thinly veiled redistributionist rhetoric than a substantial change in attitude toward American business. In his own words, he wanted his guests to provide “ideas that will help businesses to invest in America and American jobs, at a time when they are holding nearly $2 trillion on their books.”  Increased employment and investment is a grand thing, but the President’s emphasis on company holdings shows the true foundation of his thinking: Wall Street and corporate America are keeping money from the public, money to which they have little or no right.

The truth, of course, is that both companies and investors will only throw their money around to the public’s benefit when it is economically safer to do so.  That this hasn’t happened yet shouldn’t be an indication of Gekko-esque greed, as the Obama administration and their Democrat allies would have us believe, but rather an indication that business leaders have seen through Obama’s half-hearted overtures and perceived his ingrained enmity against private American businesses. 

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