Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Tequila Party: Proof Democrats Don't Get the #TeaParty Movement #tcot

Democrats love to gather into groups, and in fact tend to see the electorate as a bunch of groups rather than a nation of individuals.

So it's not surprising that they can't seem to organize except from the top down. has more.

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Liberals Still Don't Understand The Tea Parties

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Liberals Still Don't Understand The Tea Parties

Despite taking historic losses in the last midterm elections and being the focus of countless protests leading up to the midterms, the liberals still don't understand what the Tea Parties are.

I enter into evidence the possibility of a "Tequila Party".
Problem #1.  It's not grassroots if national leaders spawn the movement.  When we started our Tea Parties, no GOP or conservative leaders called us up and told us what to do.  The Tea Parties were a spontaneous reaction to the end of the Bush Presidency and the Obama/Pelosi/Reid policies in early 2009.  In fact, we were sitting on our couch the day Rick Santelli did his rant; we looked at each other and said "He's right, let's do a Tea Party".  Others around the nation who started Tea Parties I'm sure have similar stories.  History was written. 

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