Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Dork-Nothing Congress

It's really too much fun. Congress can't even dork things up properly.

The Democrats swept to power promising clean government, a change of course in Iraq, no more wiretaps, and a chicken in every pot.

But the fun started before the Congress even too their oaths of office, when Nancy Pelosi, elected Speaker by her peers, was unable to get her own choice for right-hand-man. She wanted Okinawa Jack Murtha, but almost no one else in her party did. Jack would have really dorked things up, not being the shiniest penny in the roll, but Nancy failed to bring him into her leadership coven. She promised, but couldn't deliver.

And now, seven months into the Congressional term, what has this Congress delivered?

What they delivered was the stupid minimum wage claptrap, William Jefferson, (D-LA), more troops in Iraq, more wiretaps, and ... left the Bush economy to successfully handle the chicken:pot ratio.

Don't get me wrong: I think the troop levels in Iraq, having by all reports sent the terrorist running home to Mommy, are a good thing. And I'm not worried at all about the government snooping in on the zero calls I make to Terroristan. I worry even less about journalists being unable to get good quotes from terrorists afraid the US Government might be eavesdropping.

A new and better warrantless search? Shout it from the rooftops: Democrats complicit in awarding Bush the dictatorship he's been wanting for so long. [/snark]

I don't want our country to be dorked up by Democrats. It's just that I stand slack-jawed in wonder at the level of up that the Democrats haven't been dorking.

Not that they haven't tried dorking things up, or rather they have given the appearance of wanting to dork things up, but have dorked up their mission to dork things up.

Brutal irony, isn't it?

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