Sunday, August 26, 2007

Edwards Fabulous Fact Unfair

Over at IMAO, Harvey has posted an Edwards Fabulous Fact:

John Edwards once spent three days tied to a chair after accidentally spraying himself with Silly String.
This is unfair! Perhaps that is why there is a mysterious glitch in commenting on this Fabulous Fact.

While the "fact" may be technically accurate, the reason Edwards was unable to get up was that he was tired, completely pooped, having just walked the entire length of the room. It was a really big room, and the chair was several feet from the door.

His wife finally arrived to pull off the string and lift him out of the chair to safety, easing his hurt with a juice box and some soy ice cream. Edwards then sued the makers of Silly String® for not having a large warning label on the can, "Do not spray self into chair while fagged."

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1 comment:

Jimmy said...

Funny posting. Yeah, where did it that topic go over there? Glad you've got it going here, Socrates.

-Everyday reader (Jim)

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