Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dean Proposes Delegate Compromise

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean today will propose a system of "delegate credits" similar to the carbon trading system that has been so successful in combating Global Warming. The effort is designed to prevent the breakup of the Democratic Party and to ensure defeat in the November general election.

"I haven't spent the last 7 years fabricating this Party structure just to have it come back to haunt me like my other fabrications," Dean said.

Citing academic studies noting that college students, completely indoctrinated in Democratic ideology, are the least likely to vote, Dean wants to get that level of involvement from more groups in the Party. The system he proposes will allow candidates with too many delegates to campaign a little extra in a given primary election. "We notice that when voters finally hear the message of Democratic candidates, they tend not to vote for them," said Dean to a group of reporters. "This system will make the process more fair."

But Dean insists that it's not a cap n' trade system. "This is not a phony cap n' trade system," Dean insisted. "We are talking about real candidates and real donations. We have a couple of primaries in reserve -- major primaries -- that we have been planning to use in this cap and trade system all along."

"That's been our strategy with both both Hillary Clinton, when she was leading in the polls, and Barack Obama now. Get their message out, and they will fall back to the pack." It's all part of the overall effort to make elections fair and equitable, Dean said.

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