Friday, April 18, 2008

Lance Winslow: Kneel Before Awesome.

Ace of Spades Has the lowdown on the greatest concentration of awesomeness ever contained on a little planet we call Earth. Actually, Time itself cannot contain Lance Winslow. He's awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Write it over there - and they will also come here. I'm serious. Hey, I'm a fan, what can I say besides I'm probably also older than you are and will have to lay some serious differential equations on you to solve?! ~Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Hey this Lance Winslow guys sounds like a genius, I wonder if he can help me pick some stocks, the ones I have been picking suck. I need someone who is smart and can get it done, must be Lance, do you have his IM account or phone number handy?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Lance Winslow you are talking about?

FTC indictment
Lance Winslow

FTC permanent injunction
Lance Winslow

I don't think I would want any advice from him on anything.


Loren Heal said...

Thanks, anonymous. I was almost ready to sign over my house to Lance, but I'll hold off until I see if he's guilty or if it's just the Man keeping him down.

Vern Smith said...

Looky here, Lance seems pissed off at the FTC? Ha ha ha.

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