Monday, June 02, 2008

Groups for Obama to Join ... or Not.

Barack Obama resigned his membership in Trinity United Church of Christ. Frank J wonders what groups he will leave next. Clearly some of his associations in the past have served him well at the time, but now are perhaps not generating the kind of support he'll need if he's going to defeat the Bob Barr in November. So I wonder what other groups he will now join?

  • Not MENSA (too populist)
  • Not Mothers Against Drunk Driving (too divisive)
  • He will not join Code Pink (too hawkish)
  • Will now boycott Pizza Hut (for not enough grease on their pizza)
  • Will join La Raza, because he likes the sound of reuniting
  • Will resign from the Senate for limiting their membership to 50
  • Will join U.S. Government because even though they're not spending enough, he can Change that
  • Will denounce the Red Cross for being too political
  • Will join the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), because they're just nice people

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