Friday, January 30, 2009

Attacking Rush Limbaugh

Never get in a debate with someone who sells air time by the megawatt.

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Anonymous said...

Or by the nuclear power plant equivalent (~1 GW).

500 stations x 50,000 Watts/station = 25 MW

Ok, he's a little short.

I served on a diesel sub that could produce 3 MW. It's a lotta juice.

BTW, I love your new light blogging, one-liner posts. Readers can flesh them out in the comments. ~JimmyOfTooManyWords

Loren Heal said...

Yah, I first said gigawatt and had to change it. Still, my units don't match since air time is not really sold by the watt, but by the minute.

Anonymous said...

'Megawatt minutes', then, an odd unit of energy. Some high school physics class still teach dimensional analysis, btw.

So Rush's 3-hour program is roughly equivalent to 4.5 GW-minutes assuming all those 500 stations use 50KW transmitters.

We calculate this stuff while Rome burns. ~Jimmy

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