Friday, January 16, 2009

I Fear a Backlash

Now that a goose group has claimed responsibility for the forced landing in the Hudson, I fear a backlash against all geese. We must know that this is only a splinter faction, and doesn't respresent the attitude of all geese, and certainly not of fowl generally.

So I will not tolerate any intolerance against geese, ducks, loons, chickens, or turkeys here.

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Anonymous said...

"geese, ducks, loons, chickens, or turkeys"

Oh, OK, so crows, buzzards, hawks and even bush tits are fair game, eh? Yeah - so who stands for them you intolerant, half-baked, fowl protector?! I'm sure you would have have us give up our fondness for turkey tetrazzini or chicken marsala or orange-glazed duck or whatever you do with socalled Canadian geese! And, as for loons, my fowl lover you've certainly got enough of them in Illinois that I would think them suitable for some creative Greek chefery!! -You know who.

KnightErrant said...

I fear so-call patriotic Americans will grab their guns and go out to shoot innocent geese.

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