Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Islam's Sycophants

To a certain extent, common ordinary Muslims themselves are placed in the shadow of the bullies. But these sycophants of the bullies are now bullies themselves, using different weapons: those of deceit and political correctness. As Keith Roderick puts it at The American Thinker:

"Islamophobia," coined as a term to describe prejudice and fear against Muslims and Islam, has gained institutional legitimacy. It is now used to fend off criticism of anything negative arising from Muslims or Islam. Less a psychological state of irrational fear, it creates a pseudo-racial classification for Muslims and Islam that allows criticism of, or opposition to it, to be defined as racist. Politically, the language of phobia is being used as a battering ram to weaken security measures and strengthen the radical agenda of Islamists who do not hide the fact that they want to transform the United States into an Islamic country governed by shari'a. These Islamists offer a caveat, that is, they want this transformation to be done without terrorism or violence, using only the political process to Islamicize American society.
Also via the American Thinker, the European Union has drawn up guidelines advising government spokesmen to refrain from linking Islam and terrorism in their statements.

The United Nations (w/t LGF) has drawn up guidelines on how we ought to avoid defaming Islam by not drawing cartoons.

Pardon me. I'll stop drawing cartoons when they stop blowing themselves up.

A February, 2006 article at Islam Online says "blasphemy" should be outlawed

"Because having the freedom without responsibility could lead our civilization to absolute liberalism."

Din said the declaration would allow people and institutions to exercise freedom of expression, but also make them responsible in their actions.

The article concludes:

Rev. Fr. Joseph Chusak Sirisut, director of the Bangkok-based religious and cultural research center in Saengtham College, said there was a similarly insulting cartoon when Pope Benedictus XVI was inaugurated last October.

"Press freedom should not insult religious figures."

Why not? Religious figures don't have any special right not to be insulted. Sort of goes with the gig, I thought.

Toadies, all.

But there is hope. In Minneapolis, the cabbies have to give you a ride even if you're carrying alcohol. I guess my offense at the government telling a cabby they have to carry all fares is less than my offense that Muslims would get special treatment under the law. Thank you, Metropolitan Airport Commission. (w/t to the Captain)

There will be a lot more toadies, and many more chances to tell the jihadists where to go. I'd love to share my predictions, but I have to go buy some pork and look for a cab.

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