Friday, April 06, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Must Resign

For negotiating with a foreign government against the expressed wishes of the President.

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KnightErrant said...

And what of Darrell Issa, Joe Pitts, Robert Aderholt, and Frank Wolf? Republican congressmen all who also have been in Syria in recent days. Consistency would require these four Republicans resign as well.

The Logan Act forbids correspondence with foreign governments "without authority of the United States." One could argue that the Speaker of the House (third in line of succession) possesses that authority by right of her status.

One could also argue that several thousands of American businessmen violate this law on a daily basis as part of international commerce.

A law that has been in existence for 200 years, is routinely broken, and has never been successfully prosecuted does not seem to be a strong thread upon which to hang a Constitutional crisis.

Loren Heal said...

It is not clear that the other Congressmen (who should not have gone to Syria, either) did any negotiation with Assad.

Only the President has the authority to negotiate with foreign powers. The Speaker does not.

"One could argue..."? Then do so. Give it a whirl. I could use a chuckle.

The age of a law is not germane, but the Logan act was amended in 1994, and the Speaker was well aware of its provisions.

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