Monday, April 02, 2007

Why Elections Matter

Via Volokh Conspiracy:

Supreme Court Decides "Global Warming" Case: The Supreme Court handed down its decision in the "global warming" case, Massachusetts v. EPA, and it looks like a significant victory for environmental interests. Stevens managed to keep Kennedy on board, so it was a 5-4 ruling that will make the EPA go back and reconsider the petition to regulate greenhouse gases.

So now the full power of the EPA will be unleashed on greenhouse gas emissions. Hopefully the Administration has still can supply some rational influence on the bureaucracy.

Speaker-In-Law Nancy Pelosi is off to Syria, to negotiate with the terrorist regime there. Then again, at least we know that when all the cards are on the table, she won't blink.

Before she left on the trip, the Speaker-in-Law put through a pointless piece of legislation, "The Code Pink Appeasement, Pork, Peanut, and Spinach Salad Act of 2006". The Act ties funding for the Iraq war to both a timetable for withdrawal and various welfare handouts to farmers and their Congressional panderers. The bill is pointless, since the President announced that he would veto it. Nevertheless, she rushed it through before she left. Now funding for the troops will have to wait while Aunt Nancy pretends to be relevant while prostrating herself before the Syrians. Probably the sensitive and caring meat handlers will decide whe wouldn't bring much at auction, and will send her back.

November 4, 2008 cannot arrive soon enough.

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