Thursday, September 06, 2007

Global Alarming to Blame

What are the effects of Global Warming?

I consider Global Warming is an unmitigated good, because I like hot weather. Anything over 80°F and I'm happy, so a rise of 5 degrees will be just fine, thank you. Yes, I understand that the climate is complex, and no, it doesn't alarm me. But some people, especially those who live in urban heat traps or equatorial deserts, might not want the extra warmth.

I fail to see why I should alter my lifestyle in the slightest to accommodate their choice of habitat, when they can't even show that all of the changes that I and the rest of the developed world could make would even influence the climate, much less fix it. And given that some of us like it warm, they still need to show that the current global climate is the best one.

But beside being implicitly seen as the cause for famine in Ethiopia, Sudan, and the whole of East Africa, Global Warming has several other alleged effects:

And from
  • Spreading disease (ignoring the effects of staying indoors in cold weather)
  • Earlier spring arrival (yay!)
  • Plant and animal range shifts and population changes (Fallacy of Antiquity)
  • Coral reef bleaching (but are coral growing elsewhere?)
  • Downpours, heavy snowfalls, and flooding
  • Droughts and fires
Which is it, too much rain or too little?
Which is it (Classical Values), ocean too salty or ocean not salty enough?

The Global Alarmists want it both ways.

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KnightErrant said...

I love a nice, hot Santa Ana - 95 to 100 degrees with 5% humidity. I also recognize that my Southern California climate is changing away from Mediterranean dryness towards subtropical monsoonal.

I have noticed that a few short years ago global warming deniers claimed it wasn't happening. Now, they agree it is happening but that it is really a good thing. The truth is, as with all massive changes, some people will suffer while others will not. The richest, most mobile, will suffer least while the poorest, least mobile, will suffer most.

Is it necessarily bad that Saskatchewan gets a longer growing season while Texas becomes a wasteland? Good for Canada; bad for Texas. Is it bad that smaller or nonexistent snow packs and retreating glaciers means the loss of fresh water reserves that humans have relied upon for millennia? Almost certainly. What is absolutely certain is that I and probably you shall die long before the full effects of global warming are felt. The question is, how much do we care for our children? Do we care enough to try to bequeath to them a viable planet upon which to live? Or, are we only interested in our personal, short-term comfort and the following generations can go {bleep} themselves?

On a personal note, it seems to me if you desire a warmer climate it would be better for you to move a few hundred miles south rather than wishing for the entire planet to adjust for your comfort.

Loren Heal said...

No, Knight, I still don't accept that Global Warming is occurring as an irreversible trend, nor do I think Man is to blame. Partly this post was tongue-in-cheek, though I admit that wasn't clear.

As for my children, they will adapt to the world as they find it. And I don't think a warmer planet is necessarily bad, even if the Earth is warming, and even if we're to blame.

And it's not that I wish for the entire planet to warm, simply that I accept whatever conditions I find. I do plan to move South in a few years, but right now other things are higher on the priority list than the weather.

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