Monday, September 24, 2007

Taking a Break

Due to heavy time commitments, I'm taking a break from heavy political and philosophical blogging. I'll still post quick comments here, but no proper essays unless something really rips my toga.

I wish I had time to devote to the foolhardy decision by Columbia to allow Iran's head waiter Ahmadinejad to propagandize them. It's bad enough that having the U.N. on our soil forces us to entertain our enemies, but to give him a platform is just silly. It's a fine example of lunactivism, since it's the logical extension of the idea that people won't hate us if we just listen to them. They have to do it for consistency with their ideals, but they don't realize how it makes them look: complicit with his goals of destroying Israel and the US.

When full blogging resumes, look for comments in places such as IMAO, Redstate, The Minority Report, and the other blogs I troll.

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Jimmy said...

I thaw that!

Jimmy said...

Loren, this is DEFINITELY hot:

The Soros Threat To Democracy

It's a must read.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports:

This is Melbourne Australia calling. I really dig your blog, you naughty scamps. Yep, give the Left a damn good Mark Steyning!

Aah, It’s hard to tell sometimes how sunk in Logical Fallacy's, Cognitive Bias and general dysfunction the Left, Liberal and Radical fraud is.

This sadly goes for a lot of public and private discourse too. It’s a drag!

Left and Liberalism etc, are all really an orthodoxy, eh? Nothing but a mechanical package of bankrupt shibboleth's, ideology and well, madness, folks! Yep, a real bore. Of course there's a bad side too!

I have a shabby blog that's listed on atlasshruggs, Islammomitor and others and after only a few months of my bloggishness. It would be an honour to be listed on your site, sport, if you'll have me.

PS. Check out a great very smart Aussie site that utterly Fisks the Left/Liberal and Radical 'mind' set at There’s also the Aussie site, that tracks ‘the Trouble with Islam’ in Oz.

Jimmy said...

Taking a break - no kidding! Hope you are well.

Loren Heal said...

Yes, I'm fine. I'm taking a course this fall on Operating System internals, and it's sucking up all my free time. Really interesting stuff, but I haven't taken a real programming course since ... well, Bush41.

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