Saturday, February 05, 2011

And we'll tell you who to marry, too. female soldiers in headscarves. To avoid hurt feelings. #tcot

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“Cultural Sensitivities” triumph over Safety

From Eric Dondero:

The DoD “abaya” policy was defended under the guise of “cultural sensitivities”…

Most important, a headscarf is no protection against a sniper or IED. A helmet is standard protective gear for the most important part of the human body: the brain. A female soldier in a headscarf limits her peripheral vision, a problem when operating in a hostile or potentially hostile environment. With the bizarre hybrid of a camouflage uniform topped by a headscarf, a female service member is identifying herself as an American soldier but simultaneously making a concession to Islam (in uniform, as a representative of the American government) – hardly an image to inspire confidence, and one that will provoke derision from a religiously motivated enemy that views such acts as weakness.

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