Friday, February 11, 2011

I hope #CPAC refocuses on activism, not on political correctness

I didn't go to CPAC this year because I didn't have the time or money for what I saw as a three-day party.

It would have been good to collect all of the business cards, but I couldn't justify the expense (even if tax deductible).

Now if next year they return to their roots, I hope to go. Otherwise, I'm sure someone else will fill the void, and I'll go there.

Streiff at Redstate lays out the detailed case.

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The ongoing kerfluffle over the high profile participation of GOProud in CPAC raises an interesting question for any advocacy coalition or movement: just how large do you make your tent before your movement is diluted and distorted to the point of fatal weakness?

The takeaway, in my view, is that broad coalitions only work when the areas of agreement are not offset by areas of opposition or by the odor some of the groups bring. For instance, many of us are in favor of border security and a rigorous enforcement of our immigration laws. That does not mean that we will associate ourselves with any of the “we-hate-brown-people” types which festoon the anti-immigration landscape. Similarly, it would be ludicrous for a conservative group focusing on urban blight to ally itself with Nation of Islam or the New Black Panter Party. In these cases the other things these various groups espouse offset any areas of possible cooperation.


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