Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Fred Barnes -- Kyl is retiring, not dead. No need to canonize him yet. #tcot #teaparty

Fred Barnes lauds nonsensically Jon Kyl, who is retiring rather than facing a primary battle he might lose.

But then, Kyl is an insider, and so Barnes loves him.

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Jon Kyl’s Retirement: Major Loss for Senate Republicans

For Republicans, losing Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona is a bit like the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan retired. Not only is Kyl the MVP among Republican senators, but he also makes the other senators look good and perform better. I can’t think of a member of Congress who will be missed more than Kyl when he retires in 2012.

No senator is indispensible, though Kyl comes close. It’s fortunate for Republicans to have McConnell as number one.   Just think if Republicans were stuck with someone like Majority Leader Harry Reid at the top. In that event, losing Kyl would be downright catastrophic.


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