Monday, February 07, 2011

Via @AceofSpadesHQ, @RandPaulSenate wants to cut $500B. I say that's not enough. #tcot #teaparty

We're $14 trillion in debt. The current spending and revenue levels (you can't call it a budget, since the Democrats failed to pass one) mean adding another $1.5 trillion to that debt this year and every year thereafter, even though we can't borrow enough to pay it.

Already we must bow and scrape before the Chinese. Already our once-stable currency is losing its status as the international unit of exchange.

We are not free.

Rand Paul proposes only adding $1 trillion to that debt. While that's significant progress, it's nothing like enough.

We should instead be aiming actually to begin paying back what we owe. To that end, we should cut $2 trillion from the federal budget.

That's right: we must cut not $30 billion nor $100 billion nor even $500 billion, but $2 trillion to create a surplus of $500 billion per year.

Democrats will scream and shout, they will call us names like "callous" and "mean to the poor". But who is meaner, the one who says "I'd better not" today, or the one who says "I said I could yesterday, but I cannot" tomorrow?

The surplus it should not be treated as a surplus, which scum-sucking politicians could fritter away on pet projects designed to buy votes, but a real expense of the government. We must make repaying our debt an obligation, as we undertake to become debt free.

To do so we will have to cut entire federal departments -- Education, Energy, Transportation, and Labor come to mind. We'll have to scale back our defense of Europe and the Middle East, perhaps. Maybe we can sell a couple of car companies.

The socialists will scream.

We'll need drastic cuts in other areas, as well.

And the socialists will holler.

But thought they holler, it will not be enough.

We must raise the Social Security, Medicare, and federal civil service retirement ages by something like a half year per year.

The Democrats and socialists (but I repeat myself) will demagogue the issue. We're balancing the budget and "sending grandma the bill", they will say.

But these are things that must be done if we are to become a free country.

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Rand Paul Pushes "Modest Proposal" of $500 Billion in Cuts In One Year
Update: You Know What's Wildly Popular With the Public? Not Raising the Debt Ceiling

Other Republicans need to begin pushing this, or else the idea is dismissed as "fringe" and one man's fantasy.

It really isn't. It's doable. Even if someone were to object and say it's too much -- well then how about we split the difference and aim for $250 billion?



Anything less than $500B in cuts is a joke.

Rand is at the minimum, but it's a start, I guess.

We should be aiming for cutting a Trillion dollars. If the Democrats and Obama can meet us halfway (a compromise), that would be sooo-per dooper.


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