Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obama takes tweezers to budget, finds nothing.

And doesn't find anything.

Freezing discretionary spending at the obscene current level is an outragre against fiscal sanity.

If the spending is discretionary, we need not spend it.

And the utter insanity of putting spending on auto-pilot in the first place shows the need for drastic changes in the way Washington conducts business.

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Sunday, February 13th at 10:43AM EST


Americans must learn to understand Big Numbers!!

A MILLION dollars fits in a briefcase.

A BILLION is 1000 Million. It is 12 Shipping pallets stacked 7 feet high with $100 bills.

A TRILLION is 1000 BILLION!!! Or, a Million MILLION!! Imagine one million briefcases stuffed with a million dollars each! Imagine 12,000 shipping pallets stacked 7 feet high with $100 bills.

Now, when they talk about cutting 100 Million here, or a couple Billion there, when you realize our DEFICIT is 1.5 Trillion and our BUDGET is 3.5 Trillion… those cuts don’t seem so “draconian” do they?

Our DEFICIT is 1.5 Trillion. ALL our discretionary spending, combined, comes to around 1.3 Trillion. If we eliminated it ALL we’d be in the hole 200 Billion!!!

We have NO CHOICE but to cut entitlement spending. It’s Fiscal Armageddon unless we do.


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