Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama's Extremely No Good Very Bad Day

Barack Obama must be thinking "What am I, Job?"

Two days ago he was enjoying the small victory of having brought down Geraldine Ferraro. Then yesterday:

  • Ferraro rebounded, as a backlash against Obama's constant barrage of charges of racism
  • His pastor and "mentor" is himself an America-hating racist
  • It was reported that in 2006 (as Senator) Obama arranged a $1 million earmark for the hospital where is wife had just gotten a promotion to Vice President, with a $200, 000 raise
  • The Rezco trial in Chicago shows that Obama lied about the extent of his relationship to the sleazy political fixer and campaign donation launderer.
These are all equally bad news for his campaign. Whether the anti-racism, anti-demagogue, conflict of interest with a touch of graft, or good old Chicago corruption charges would individually be enough to tarnish his reputation as a different kind of politician, I don't know. But taken together even his most ardent acolyte will have to reassess the Obama candidacy.

And surely the superdelegates to the Democratic convention will now have a much easier time supporting Hillary. All of this corruption and ickiness would make Huey Long vote Republican; if moderate, apolitical voters were to hear about it in the general election, they'd pull for John McCain.

Methinks the Obama campaign is played out.

But what will happen to the Democratic Party? Will they go to their convention in Denver and fight it out, with a willing but conflicted media delivering the show?

Mmmm, popcorn.

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I like how you used little flower bullets. ~Jimmy

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