Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog Whistle Racism

When Geraldine Ferraro said that Barack Obama was lucky to be who he was, it said a lot more about her (and the mindset of Liberals) than she thought. Obama's reaction says even more about him and the way he would behave in office.

She told us that she views people through the lens of identity, but he showed that he does even more so. His reaction demonstrated his hypersensitivity, so that an Obama Administration would be four long years of unfettered political correctness.

The incident shows that candidate Obama has ears to hear racism in a comment the rest of us see as acknowledging the facts as they are.

She told us that, like the 90% of Black Democrats who are voting for Obama and the similar numbers of White female Democrats voting for Hillary, she wants a candidate who looks like her. Identity, and to a lesser extent personality and background, are more important to them than belief and policies.

The incident shows that Hillary is vulnerable to the race card, and Obama is willing to play it.

I had Hoped that this election would have been different, but some things never Change.

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