Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Missing Dissent

According to the mythos of the Inclusive Victims Movement™, dissent is patriotic. In fact, dissent is often said to be the highest form of patriotism, and for those who hold to such a view it seems to push all other forms of patriotism aside.

But conservatives can not and need not dissent, because (so the narrative continues) they are the ones in power, desperately clinging to their white picket fences. For a liberal to fail to dissent is a character flaw.

And from what would a conservative need to dissent? Since liberals only do Good Things, there is never any reason, according to the Inclusive Victims Movement, for anyone to dissent. Who can quarrel with going to church, or giving money to a hospital, or taking money from crooks, or lying about it afterwards?

Well, maybe a person wanting to be President shouldn't take money from crooks or lie about stuff willy-nilly.

Therefore, a person who wishes to be elected President of these United States by running on a platform of getting past race and coming together should do more than sit there when someone preaches things contrary to that platform.

If that person cannot stand up to the crowd in church and decry the wickedness, it is not, as Obama has falsely claimed, because he didnt know about it. Pastors do not long preach sermons with which the congregation is at odds, and congregations, unless they're dead, discuss what the pastor says in his sermons.

And men audacious enough to hope they can be President do not sit idly by while vile things with which they disagree are spoken. On friendly terms with a pastor, they will at least in private exercise their voice in dissent. Either Obama didn't disagree with the content of the pastor's message or he was to cowardly to dissent. We are left with one sad conclusion.

Obama knew about the content of the sermons because that's why he was there.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Which makes Obama a bald-faced LIAR.

So, between him and Hillary, that means it's Eanie Meany Miney Moe in the Democrat Party.


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